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Armis Bedding Set Koleksiyonu

Bed and Bed Base Models

Start your day with a comfortable bed and bed base models. Choosing the right bed is very important. Beds are selected individually to help relieve the tiredness of the day. There are many bed models whose qualities vary according to physical characteristics, spine health and usage habits. Vicso beds, ergonomic beds and comfortable bed models are also offered to the users.

When choosing beds and plinths, users have to choose according to their furniture and needs. It is often the right choice for the bases to be fully integrated with the bedroom furniture, which are later incorporated into the decoration. You should also pay attention to the quality and durability of your base while choosing your design. By using safe and robust plinth models, you can ensure a long-lasting use.

When choosing a bed and plinth model, you must make sure that the dimensions of both match. If the size of your bed and base are not the same, your bed may overflow from your base or may be too small inside the base. This will shorten the service life of the bearing and negatively affect its appearance.
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