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Inspera Bedroom

Inspera Bedroom

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Inspera Bedding Set 

Inspera, which is the most preferred among the bed set models, gains the appreciation of its user with its stylish design and comfort. It represents a perfect harmony with its special design, quilted embroidery and cream color. The bed set consists of bed base, comfortable bed, bedside table and bed end beanbag. 

0Bed base in the bed set is appreciated for both its quality and usefulness. It can be opened single-sided when required and double-sided when required, and prevents possible accidents with its special lock and protection system. The bed in the sleep set has a medium-hard support. It has a medium-hard mattress that is preferred by users who don't want a very soft mattress but stay away from hard mattresses. 

The coffer puff in the set satisfies the user with its deep volume. To get more information about Inspera bedding set, just fill in the product datasheet. Upon your request, our sales representatives will return to inform you.

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