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International Shipping

Order Furniture to the Country You Live in with the Privilege of Armis Bedding Mission

For our expatriate citizens who want to buy a bed from Turkey and our customers living abroad, we deliver all the products they want to buy to the country, city or even the address they provide. Distances disappear with Armis Mattress Mission. We ship all the products you purchase from Armis Bedding Mission to your door with safe packaging and logistics processes.

So how does the whole process work?

• Shipping will be made for overseas shipment, shipping costs will be the buyer.
• Shipping charges will vary depending on the size of the product and the location in which you reside.
• You can contact us via   +90 530 061 25 94  Whatsapp support line to get information about shipping costs to your country and city. Or, if you want to receive information about the product you like, fill out the product information form and send us information about the shipment abroad, we will make a quick return to you.
Frequently Asked Questions

Who will provide furniture logistics?

The furniture sent to abroad and to the address you send to us is entirely owned by Mission Mobilya. We will deliver your purchased furniture to your door with our experienced logistics companies. Installation of furniture from Turkey and is not responsible for our customers in the process of reaching to your door, it is responsible for the Mission furniture. The only thing our customers need to do is to order the furniture they like and deposit their fees.

Who Owns the Logistics Fee?

We send your furniture to your door. The fee for this transaction belongs to the buyer. The number, size, and location of your preferred furniture will change the shipping cost. For this reason, you should contact us to find out the shipping costs for the furniture you want to order.

How the Order and Shipping Process Will Work

Our customer will fill out the product information form in order to order the product he likes. In line with the product datasheet, our customer representatives will return to you and inform you about the price and features of the product and answer any questions you may have. After confirming the order, your address and shipping charge will be determined. Your order will be prepared after delivery of the product and shipping charge and delivered to your address and delivered to the logistics company.

Is there a customs fee?

For your product to pass customs, you need to pay the customs price. After your order arrives in your country, you can get your order delivered to your door by paying this price.
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