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Delivery and Installation

Mission Furniture, many cities in Turkey offers free delivery and installation services. Mission Furniture, which is responsible for the fast, reliable and trouble-free delivery of the products purchased by its customers, is very careful in the delivery and assembly of the products. Mission Furniture is committed to delivering the purchased products in a complete and trouble-free manner.
Mission Furniture, which provides free delivery and installation services to all provinces of the Marmara region, also provides transportation of furniture for our provinces in other regions for a fee of cargo.

Assured with Insured Delivery

All the products you have purchased are delivered with insurance. In this way, possible problems that may occur to the furniture during shipping and delivery are guaranteed with the advantage of insured delivery. Therefore, you will not need to pay attention to the possible distance differences in your furniture shopping.

Delivery Considerations

There are several important points to be considered during delivery. These issues are very important for the products to reach you as soon as possible without a hitch.
When submitting your address to us, you must provide it completely and completely. If possible, sharing your full address with us, sharing the name of the well-known centers in your area with us, will make it easier and faster to find the address of the team will make the cargo and delivery.

Your contact information must be complete and accurate. It will be very important that your phone and mail address are always available. In order to be able to contact you at the time of delivery, if you cannot find your address or come to your address for delivery, you must make sure that your phone number is correct and active.
The necessary permissions for the site, building and residence must be obtained. Mission Furniture will not be responsible for delays and cancellations due to problems that may occur during delivery. The next delivery will incur extra charges. Our team that will make the transportation and delivery will wait for 20 minutes for the solution of the problems to occur and if the problem is not solved, the delivery will be canceled.

Delivering the goods in the room where the delivery and installation will take place will enable our teams to work faster and move more easily. This will not harm your home and your new furniture.

At the time of delivery, the person to be delivered or the third party authorized by him must be present at the place to be delivered. In the absence of you or persons authorized by you at the place of delivery, no stranger will be delivered and an extra fee will be charged for the next delivery.
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